Where do you must place the traps in your restaurant?


Where do you must place the traps in your restaurant?

A business is an investment and must be cared for, having a restaurant is not always the objective, the objective is that it lasts over time, and one of the main problem inside it are the rodents. When you are working with food your business can be filled with these unpleasant guests, so we will give you the best tips to keep them out and what to do if you see one of them at your place, you will know where so you must place the traps in your restaurant.

If you work with food you must know that you have a great responsibility with your diners, these creatures are unpleasant and dangerous for your clients, they are the focus of countless diseases, which throughout history have been a problem. But you may be wondering how we can get diseases from such harmless creatures? This is possible through their urine, this animal leaves a path of urine, to have located its food source.

Many times this urine is left in corners or areas that are not very clean and they form what is known as urine pillars; which is nothing more than the animal’s urine mixed with the dirt of the place creating small towers of earth and urine, in short, microorganisms capable of making us seriously ill.

What diseases can rodents transmit?

There are many, but among many they stand out;

1.- Salmonella

2.- Leptospirosis

3.- Weil’s Disease

4.-The hantavirus

Don’t think you need to have contact with the animal in order to contract them, the simple fact that they leave their secretions on the food and you consume them already makes you vulnerable to contracting these diseases.

Because of this, we must keep our restaurant areas very clean and if we suspect the existence of these rodents take appropriate measures in time and not let them reproduce, if they become a pest they may even close down your business


Where the traps should be placed?


These animals can become a real nuisance if not controlled in time, with an average of 8 to 24 offspring per litter, the rats reproduce really fast, the female can go into heat in a short period of up to one hour every 4 or 5 days. Now, there are strategic places to set your traps:

1.- Kitchen; place traps like the gomaton in the back of the kitchen as they usually enter from there to look for shelter.

2.- Corners; they will always look for damp and dark places to create their burrows, that is why you must take into account the corners or gaps between shelves to place the traps.

3 .- Pantry areas: the main objective of these animals is to find food, which is why placing traps in the vicinity of the pantry is a good idea to end them quickly.