Take care of your hotel’s reputation, avoid the appearance of pests


Take care of your hotel’s reputation, avoid the appearance of pests

“The hotel is very nice and has good service, but mosquitoes were a problem during our stay”, “The amenities are very modern. It is close to everything important, but on two occasions we saw cockroaches in the dining area”, “The first day my child found a rat in the bathroom, we immediately moved to another hotel”. Find those kind of comments on some hotel search page, it certainly brings the hotel’s reputation down because of the pests

Nowadays, people look for hotels on the Internet before traveling, but not only that, the best part is that they can read the comments and experience of other guests to make a decision. If anyone finds those kind of reviews like the ones above, you can swear they’re not going to stay there.

Keys to keep the hotel’s reputation

1.- Good service: the first thing you should pay attention is the quality of the service that you offer and the kindness of your employees, a lot of attention to that detail.

2.- Cleanliness: most of the time the size of the room does not matter, as long as it is clean, tidy and cozy, the appearance is worth more than the size.

3.- Personal qualified: in hotels everyone must have a specific function, the guest must feel attended at all times, human resources are extremely important and must be adjusted to the amount of work.

4.- Additional services: from food to special amenities, these activities are the ones that give a differential to the hotel and give it more visibility and attraction.

What kind of pests “ruin” a hotel?

1.- Mosquitoes: these flying insects usually live in tropical climates and depend on water to survive, especially in stagnant or polluted water, in hotels they are a problem, they can cause diseases or be so annoying that tourists are forced to change the hotel.

2.- Cockroaches: this unpleasant insect is the terror of the hotels, they feed on food and garbage so the restaurant in the hotel is perfect for them, they can enter through small cracks on the floor or walls, and even through the drains, if they get to proliferate to the point that they invade the kitchen and the dining room the tourists will want to run away.

3.- Rodents: yes, rats and mice, they are more stealthy than the previous ones since they tend to move, when there is no movement in the kitchens, they also seek to feed on any food waste, and they reproduce very quickly, if a guest sees a rat, you will surely have to wait for the arrival of pest control and a possible sanction.

What to do to avoid pests?

1.- Hygiene above all, establish a regular cleaning and waste management procedure that allows you to keep the establishment as clean as possible.

2.- Take advantage of the low season to make repairs to the walls, floors and roof, so you can prevent pests from entering the hotel.

3.- Avoid using chemicals or fumigating (unless it is too late), the procedure cannot be performed while guests are there, so you will have to close for a few days.

4.- Use traps and control equipment, you can use them all the time, and they usually come in models that can be camouflaged with the hotel’s decoration, that way it won’t be noticed.

Remember that your hotel’s reputation is worth a lot, it is true that no one will leave a comment “excellent pest control”, but preventing these intruders is a silent job that maintains your status and certifies quality.