Protecting yourself from rats, tips for beating pests


No one wants to live with vermin and less these rodents that produce disgust and fear in all of us, if you’re tired of fighting this pest, it’s time to protect yourself from rats with professional products and proper hygiene habits, after all your family or your business will thank you.

Before talking about the advices we have for you, it is important to know why you have a pests of rats? Usually, if you discover the origin of the problem will be easier for you or professionals to attack the problem.

Top reasons why there are rats in your home or business

1.- Climatic conditions: probably the most common factor that can cause the presence of pests, not only rats, we talk about flies, cockroaches and other insects, these organisms reproduce when temperatures are very high, if we add that they have an uncontrolled reproduction, we have to take extra care in summer or when temperatures are higher.

2.- Damaged infrastructure: fundamental that both public and private spaces surrounding your property should be in good condition, rodents have flexible bones and can get into very small holes or slots in walls, ceilings or floors, if you look well you are likely to find their lair.

3.- Unsanitary conditions: of course, garbage and rats always seem to go in the same sentence, these pests are characterized by reproducing in completely unhealthy conditions, and also feed on waste and decomposed food or products.

Tips for fighting rats

Whether you have serious problems with these rodents or they appear to annoy you, rats in Mexico are a pest, if we take as a reference the words of veterinarian Paola Martinez, who explained that these species are not endogenous in the country, thus being an exotic species, also explained other problems of the problem of rats.

But well, you are here looking for a solution to protect yourself from rats, so we recommend the following:

1.- Eliminate any remaining food as quickly as possible, using of course the relevant sanitation services, without contaminating other areas.

2.- Both, at home and in companies that work with food, it is very important to store them correctly, they must be under appropriate temperatures, in cool and ventilated shelves, and everything hermetically sealed.

3.- Clean recurrently, especially in areas that are easily accessible from the outside or where a lot of dirt can accumulate.

4.- Frequently monitor your infrastructure for repairs.

5.- Avoids the accumulation of boxes or packaging, weeds in the garden and rainwater.

6.- Buy preventive products to capture or eliminate pests during the night, remember that rats are nocturnal so they may not appear in a long time and we do not realize their presence, products such as life capture trap or glue traps are ideal, clean and safe products for your home and family, unlike other products with poison.

Start with these preventive tips now, and clean your home, business or office of unwanted vermin such as rats.