Glue traps

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Glue traps: Arod glue traps are 100% toxic free. They are designed for our AROD UV-A light units, however, they can be used in other products too, depending on their size. They are very effective thanks to the formula of the glue, ensuring that the insects are well attached to the trap, for an insect free environment.

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A78- 75 Pieces: 17.05×9.84×2.83 in
A78 -125 Pieces:16.93×9.96×4.33 in
A117- 75 Pieces:17.13×13.23×3.15 in


A78- 75 Pieces: 8.05 lb
A78- 125 Pieces:11.46 lb
A117- 75 Pieces:10.63 lb


A78- 75 Pieces, A78 -125 Pieces, A117- 75 Pieces


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