Learn about cockroaches


The great enemy of many housewives, the terror of children, a great carrier of diseases such as salmonellosis, dysentery or gastroenteritis. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of the United States has associated this insect with asthmatic attacks in some people. Therefore it is important to know their characteristics, different habitats and the types of cockroaches that we can find in different parts of the world or without going too far in our homes.

These crawling insects can be found anywhere: houses, streets and cars, thanks to their high resistance, are presumed to be able to withstand the explosion of a nuclear bomb. Consequently it is necessary to know their types, in order to know how to act when encountering these nasty insects.

Types of cockroaches

As well as every species around the world, cockroaches have also adopted different characteristics and sizes, either because of the region where they are found or just to survive from predators.

These are the most common types of cockroaches:

1.- The German cockroaches, is the most common around the world. They live in most of our homes and commercial establishments, measuring from 1.2 to 1.5 cm. They are brown with yellow stripes.

2.- The American cockroaches, is larger, measuring between 3.4 to 4 cm, reddish brown with darker spots on the thorax. They also have developed wings and can fly. Usually enter in our homes or businesses in search of food, live and reproduce outdoors.

3.- Oriental cockroaches, adult can measure between 2.5 to 3 cm, dark brown to black. They live and reproduce in temperate, dark and humid zones, due to the fact that they do not survive in tropical climates.

Habitat and Prevention

It is a very resistant insect that can proliferate in many places, however, there are key factors for them to nest and begin to reproduce as pests. These types of insects look for humid places, mainly bathrooms, because they need a lot of water to survive. It is advisable not to leave stagnant waters, to check that the roofs do not retain the rains so that they cannot find refuge in these places, and to be in constant revision and maintenance of the infrastructure, because they use the cracks to hide.

In addition, you must have a very clean kitchen, because their food source is our food, mostly are seen at night (they are nocturnal insects) when they walk through our dishes, cutlery and appliances taking advantage of the dirt that could be left, at that time often contaminate our food or utensils. Remember to be careful not to expose your dishes, utensils, cutlery or other objects we use for cooking, thus avoiding any disease.

These crawling insects are a really serious problem and if you see that you are about to face a plague or you are already a victim of one, the best recommendation is to go as soon as possible to specialists who can get rid of them, or use special traps either at home, in your local or office to eliminate them. Remember that your health and your family is always a priority, do not think that because you can kill them with a footprint do not represent a danger.