Get to know live capture traps for rats and mice


The use of live capture traps is a popular choice for many people who prefer to avoid killing rats and mice but want to remove them from their home or property. However, the humaneness of live traps depends on how frequently the traps are checked, the design of the trap, and whether food, water or nesting material are provided to avoid starvation, dehydration or cold stress. Live traps are designed to avoid injury during closure and when the animal is trapped inside.

Live capture traps usually are design to trap more than 2 rodents depending on the size, since these rely upon the mouse’s curiosity cause they like to investigate new holes and harborages they encounter in their travels. As one enters the hole one the trap, other mice like to follow. Captured mice attract other mice.

Those are normally use don warehouse, commercial buildings, food industry either inside or outside.

Live capture traps must be inspected every morning and any trapped animals humanely killed or released into a suitable location. Unfortunately, the available evidence suggests that the survival rate of relocated animals is often very low.

A lot of people use these kinds of traps together with glue traps or mouse bait, since it results very effective and are also safe to kids and pets.


AROD Live traps are available on two sizes.

T12 for mice. Ideal to trap 12 mice.














T4 for rats. Ideal to trap 4 rats.