Diseases transmitted by Mosquitoes


Diseases transmitted by Mosquitoes

We can slap him to death, even his appearance makes him look harmless, as if he could do us no harm at all, but that is not the case. Blinding many lives throughout history, the diseases that mosquitoes transmit are to be taken very seriously. With origins in Africa, it has been spreading to every continent on earth except Antarctica, for now.

Due to their easy reproduction, it is estimated that a female can lay up to 1000 eggs during her life. They are a very difficult species to eliminate, and thanks to their way of feeding, which consists of biting humans and sucking their blood, (this is done only by females for reproductive purposes) they become the insect par excellence to transmit diseases.

Types of Mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit

But depending on the region where we are we can find different specimens which can transmit different diseases, we can differentiate some species as they are:

1.- The Culex pipiens, better known as the common mosquito, is the most common species in our homes, measuring three to seven millimeters and they can survive in residual water without any problem.

The female is attracted to bite us by our smell, the bacteria we have on our skin or by the carbon dioxide we emit, although it is not considered the fiercest, this mosquito can transmit diseases such as; West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Meningitis and Urticaria.

2.- Aedes albopictus, the Asian Tiger Mosquito or in some countries known as white legs, due to its unique white stripes on the legs. This species comes from Asia and we can also find it in Africa, America and Europe, but it is not because of its legs that people know it, it is because of the diseases it can transmit that made it so famous; responsible for spreading viruses such as Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya, it is responsible for millions of deaths in Africa.

3.- Anopheles is one of the most fearsome mosquitoes, with presence all over the world, and carrier of the dreaded Malaria virus, which has killed millions of people, unlike its relatives they prefer to choose places with clean water for their habitat.

Previsions to be considered in order to avoid any disease

If we are near some of these mosquitoes, can we get the virus?

No, we have these species around us, but does not mean that we are going to get these diseases, because they need to bite someone who is infected to get infected and then spread the virus.

However, appropriate sanitary measures should always be taken to prevent this dangerous pest from invading our property and becoming a problem. It is recommended to have the appropriate equipment in our homes and mainly in tourist shops, which due to the high flow of people from the world is the perfect place for the proliferation.

There are many chemical products on the market to eliminate pests, the problem is that the use of these also represents a health problem and therefore, the best way to eliminate these annoying visitors is with the use of UV light equipment for flying insects, it is a clean and safe procedure, but above all effective.