Purchasing policies.

  • As soon as the transaction was realized, the system throws a number of deal. This number does not imply the acceptance of the transaction. In case of having some problem with your order it will be communicated to you by e-mail or telephone route.
  • The equipments and traps AROD are subject to availability; in the case at the moment of making the order does not count with the existence to send it in its entirety, you will be notified in a timely manner by email.
  • In case that the bank rejects the transaction, your purchase will be canceled; this will be notified by e-mail.
  • As son as the payment was confirmed by the bank, it procedes to send the merchandise, which will be notified by e-mail.
  • Delivery times vary depending on the destination and occur at any time of the day.
  • Order must arrive at maximun five working days. (Saturday and sunday, public holidays and holidays are incapable)
  • It’s necessary that the person registered as recipient is who receives the delivery.
  • For any doubt or clarification of your purchase order, Call: (999) 920 16 10 or send an email to: administracióndeventas@arod.com.mx indicatin your purchase order and/or transaction number.
  • You are responsable for the loss, damage or deterioration of your merchandise from the momento in which it is the delevery of merchandise is realized. The merchandise are considered delivered when the courier Company puts at the disposal of the recipient in the domicile established for the delivery and when the recipient signs ofreceived.
  • AROD reserves the right to change or replace, in any momento, any article about the catalog, the prices or specifcations published or any content in the website: in general, we’ll make these changes from time and time with previous notice; we don’t asume responsibility for damages that could cause change, subtitution or discontinuity of an article.
  • You have the right to revoke any offer or pormotion applicable to the merchandise, even before it concludes the vilidity of the promotion; in any case, AROD will notify the recovation of the offer or pormotion electronically. AROD will respect the rights of cosumers whose orders have been accepted during the period of vilidty of the offer under the terms of the the applicable regulations.
  • For pruchases made by credit card VISA or Mastercard you will be contacted in the following 24 hours at the phone number indicated in your order to validate your purchase.
  • In case that the purchase is realized with some promotion, favor of taking into consideration that it doesn’t apply warranty on the date of delivery.
  • Situations not due and/or mentioned in this politices will be determined by the Sales Management of AROD.
  • We recommend that you always verify the purchase conditions before realizing your order, in otder to make sure of the terms, conditions and restrictions that may apply to each product.
  • All the prices of the products include VAT and other taxs that may apply. Independently of the cost of shipping that mayo r not be generated. Ehtese amounts will indicate you before lifting your order, so that you are able to accept them.


Track your shipment

  • As son as the order goes out it’s done to them get the invoice and the guide number with which it’s being sent the order.
  • If the guide is DHL you can track it from the page dhl.com.mx
  • If the guide is ALMEX you can track it from the page almex.com.mx
  • In case of any irregularity send mail to operaciones@arod.com.mx or call 52 (999) 920 16 16 ext 112 from Monday to Friday of 9:00 am to 17:00 pm hrs.


Cancellations Policies.

  • It will be possibly to carry out the entire or partial cancellation of a purchase made online, always and when it has not been sent, to do this you need to communicate with us via telephone to 52 (999) 920 16 16 ext. 112 from Monday to Friday of 9:00 am to 17:00 pm hrs.
  • Fort he cancellation we need that you prived us: Interbank CLABE, Bank and nambe of the holdes of the account: The reimbursement will be throught electronic transfer by the amount of the order within the following five workings days of the obtaining of your data. There will be no refunded if we don’t have the above data earlier mentioned.
  • In case the purchase have been already sent it doesn’t apply cancellation.