It’s ideal for use in large areas such as warehouses, food processing plants, kitchens and commercial areas with many light sources.

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Product Description

BUGSTER 30 is an ultralight equipment with a modern design that makes it perfect to place in areas to have zero tolerance to flying insects. It uses two lamps UV black light of 15 watts which guarantee the attraction of insects to the lamp also has a glue boards double in which insects attach themselves after being attracted by the light.

Capture flying insects, managing the safety of the environment without toxic or poisons.

  • Coverage: 862 ft2
  • 2 Double glue boards.
  • 2 Shatterproof 15 Watts. (Philips Actinic Secura, 15,000 hrs long-life)
  • 1 Equipment for box.
  • NOM-ANCE Certificate.
  • 1 Ballasts Philips 2×32 Optimum 110-220 premium.

*This product has VAT included..

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Additional Information

Weight 1.410 kg
Dimensions 46.5 x 5.5 x 23 cm


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