AROD Glue Board (75 pcs) White

Arod traps contain no attractant, are 100 % free of toxic so do not cause any harm to humans.

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Product Description

Our rubber AROD traps are designed for our equipments UV light AROD similarly they can be used on other equipments depending on the size of these . They are very effective thanks to the formula of glue, ensuring that insects are firmly attached to the trap leaving an environment free of insects. Meet the standards to be within food plants , industrial plants, kitchens, restaurants , hotels among others, and which are exported to more than 5 countries in Central and Latin America for use.

Our Glue boards can be used in double size and single for smalls light traps.

We use a certified glue formula for guaranteeing quality, durability and effectiveness for catching flying insects.


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Additional Information

Weight 4.140 kg
Dimensions 46 x 27 x 8 cm

125, 75


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