AROD 202

This is a suspension device has two rings at the top facilitating their installation in places like industrial warehouses, food stores , canteens , supermarkets and industrial kitchens.

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Product Description

AROD 202 light trap is a High Capture, this equipment is designed to be placed in locations where the level of infestation is very high because it is a light trap with a great power of attraction emits a brightness range of 360 ° . This product is carefully designed to maximize the capturing power.

  • Coverage: 1506 ft2
  • Material: Gray Foam (PVC)
  • 1  Glue Board.
  • 4 UVA, 15 Watts Shatterproof lamps . (Philips Actinic Secura, 15,000 hrs long-life)
  • 1 equipment per box.
  • NOM-ANCE Certificate.
  • 2 ballasts Philips 2×32 Optimum 110-220 premium.



*This product has VAT included.

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Additional Information

Weight 4.3 kg
Dimensions 61 x 26 x 18.2 cm


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